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Carton production site quality control
Jul 20, 2018

According to the purpose of the inspection, it can be divided into control inspection, receiving inspection, and quality inspection and identification.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the carton products, the carton enterprises can set up quality inspection agencies and quality inspection personnel according to local conditions. Process inspection generally has the following forms, the first piece inspection, the first piece inspection is a preventive test in the manufacturing process of carton products, applicable to a large number of types. The first inspection shall be inspected by the operator and approved by the full-time inspector.

Inspection inspection is the inspection of the product quality of the relevant process at the production site by the inspector at a certain time interval. Completion inspection It is a check on a batch of processed products, mainly refers to the products between the various processes. Finished product inspection is the last inspection before the corrugated box product reaches the user.

Product quality audit

The contents of the physical quality audit of carton products are as follows:

Classify the quality defects of the carton into heavy defects and light defects, and write detailed inspection items. Quality defects and audit results shall be recorded after actual audit. The quality defects should be analyzed in time, the carton quality audit report form should be filled out as much as possible, and the audit results should be reported to the competent leaders and relevant departments, and transmitted and archived as quality information and materials in a timely manner.

Production site quality control

Create a good production order and environment. Maintaining the cleanliness of the production site is also an indispensable condition for ensuring the quality of the carton. For example, the stacking and transportation of the work area, appliances, products, the working environment of the workers, the cleanliness of the site and other factors have an important impact on the production of corrugated carton quality. Both should be specified. Therefore, the corrugated box production site can be implemented with points and points for effective control. The measures can be used: to establish the management standard for the production site of corrugated boxes, and to regularly check the positioning of the assessment, site, machinery, equipment, raw materials, work-in-progress, work stations and appliances. Effective measures to reduce the damage caused by bumps, stains and rough handling during carton handling. For semi-finished and in-process products to be listed: especially the products that are not printed on the cardboard line. If the same type and specifications are not listed, it is easy to cause confusion and error.

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