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Prepress software
Jul 20, 2018

dot matrix image software

A bitmap image is an image that is depicted as a color point called a pixel. When editing a bitmap image, the pixel is modified. The dot matrix image is fixed in a grid of a certain size because the data constituting the image is enlarged, so that when the dot matrix image is enlarged, the edge of the image is blurred. The dot matrix image principle software can be used for the editing processing of bitmap images, including image adjustment, mask processing and geometric changes of images, etc. It can also be used for special effects, including rotation, dimensional change, sharpness emphasis and softening. Software for functions, virtual shadow generation, level adjustment, and color correction, including Adobe Photoshop, Founder Gallery, and more.

vector graphics software

The vector graphics are represented by a series of lines connected by dots, and their enclosed graphics. It describes the content of the graphic in the form of recorded graphic endpoints and vectors, called vector graphics. The vector graphics reflect the geometry of real objects. Vector software generally has functions such as text input, chart creation, logo design, etc., and can perform arbitrary expansion, reduction, and deformation processing on graphics. Includes Adobe Illustrator, MacroMedia Freehand, CorelDRAW, and more.

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