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Printing technology
Jul 20, 2018

inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is an efficient and special printing method that can be applied to the packaging industry production line to quickly print production dates, lot numbers and barcodes. It is a non-contact, pressure-free, print-free printing. Information stored in the computer can be printed by entering the inkjet printer.

Digital technology continues to advance, inkjet printing has also developed rapidly, and some technical problems have been solved perfectly, which has made the quality of inkjet printing products a qualitative leap. With the latest JDF production standards, inkjet printing equipment is also easily integrated into the digital production process of the entire printer, enabling better equipment control and higher productivity.

security printing

It can be said that in the field of packaging and printing, anti-counterfeiting printing plays a vital role. If a general product requires a significant product identification, then many high-end products will have to have a complete anti-counterfeiting system. Anti-counterfeiting printing is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology and is a branch of special printing. It refers to the use of printing to prevent copying, copying or forgery without the permission of ownership.

Anti-counterfeiting printing is widely used in the printing of packaging and decoration products. With the continuous improvement of people's brand awareness and the increase of intellectual property protection, it is believed that anti-counterfeiting printing will have great market prospects.

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