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Color Control Of The Package Design
Jul 20, 2018

(1) Taking care of

So, what is the relationship between color and packaging? It is mainly through the external packaging color that can reveal or reflect the inner packaging items. It allows people to basically perceive or associate with the inner packaging as soon as they look at the outer packaging. I have mentioned this issue many times in the past articles, but if we can walk into the store and look at the goods, many goods have not reflected this kind of care. It is impossible for consumers to think about what the packaged items are from the table. Of course, it does not play a positive promotional role in the sales of products. The color of normal external packaging should be such that the same characteristics are grasped to varying degrees;

(1) From the industry's advancement, the normal color of food packaging is expressed in the main colors of goose yellow and pink, which gives people a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, there are many kinds of tea, green, beverages, green and blue, wine and cakes with a lot of red, children's food with a lot of rose, and daily cosmetics. The main color is mostly rosy, pink, light green, light blue, dark brown, to highlight the warm and elegant feelings, clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, to highlight the calm Heavy elegant beauty.

In terms of performance characteristics, in terms of food alone, cakes and snacks are mostly made of gold and light yellow to give people the impression of scent; people such as tea and beer use red or green, which symbolizes the richness and aroma of tea; tomato juice The apple juice is mostly red, which shows the natural attributes of the item. Although some packages are not similar in color to the main color as described above, if you look at the design of the package yourself, then in the picture of its outer packaging. There is a symbolic color block, color point, color line or a concentrated content highlighted by the color of the pen. This should be the pride of everyone. Some of the clothing packaging and some cosmetic packaging, and even some wine packaging can find many such examples.

(2) Contrast relationship

Besides, the contrast between color and color. This is the easiest thing to do in many product packaging, but it is very difficult to grasp. In the design from the master, the wound effect of the package is the spring snow, and vice versa, the lower Liba. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, such a popular saying is often called impenetrable. What is actually said is a contrast relationship. In the packaging design, this contrast is very obvious and very common. The so-called contrasts generally have the following contrasts: the contrast of color use, the light and heavy contrast of color use, the point-to-face ratio of color use, the contrast of color use, the contrast of color use, and the contrast of color use. Contrast and so on.