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Pizza Box Classification
Jul 20, 2018

According to different classification methods, pizza boxes can be divided into the following categories:

Depending on the material, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. White cardboard pizza box: mainly 250G white cardboard and 350G white cardboard;

2. PP plastic pizza box: the main material is PP plastic

2. according to the size, pizza boxes can be divided into:

1. 6 inch / 7 inch pizza box: length 20cm * width 20cm * height 4.0cm

2. 8 inch / 9 inch pizza box: length 24cm * width 24cm * height 4.5cm

3. 10 inch corrugated pizza box: length 28cm * width 28cm * height 4.5cm

4. 10 inch white cardboard pizza box: length 26.5cm * width 26.5cm * height 4.5cm

5. 12-inch corrugated pizza box: length 32.0cm * width 32.0cmm * height 4.5cm Buying considerations When choosing a pizza box, be sure to choose according to your own needs.

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