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Mailer Boxes

When considering e-commerce and subscription shipments, it's imperative to use mailer boxes, because it's the most secure way when transporting a product. Look no further, JOSSI always offer many custom options for the mailing requirements of different products and companies.

1. Custom offset or flexo printing
2. Custom size & structures
3. Custom print finishes
4. A variety of cardboard materials to choose from.

  • Features & Specification

    Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes

    A corrugated mailer box is a paper board packaging designed for the postage purpose. Thanks to interlocking flaps and wings, it is easy to assemble and requires no adhesive tape to be assembled and closed. Its double side walls bring good strength characteristic during the delivery and transportation process, making it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of paperboard packaging. It normally works as a retail-ready gift box, a subscription box, or e-commerce packaging.


    Box Examples:


    Custom Mailing Boxes


    Custom Mailer Box with Handle


    Custom Printed Mailer Boxes


    Corrugated Mailer Boxes


    Kraft Easy-Fold Mailers


    Kraft Paper Boxes


    Postage Mailing Boxes


    Custom Postage Mailers


    Kraft Mailer Boxes


    As one of the main box structure used in e-commerce, cardboard mailer box is accepted because of its durability, convenience, unboxing experience and also because the price is affordable. Most subscription box organizations have ventured into this box structure because it brings attractive appearance.


    We use quality materials to manufacture paperboard & corrugated mailers to ensure the box stands the taste of time and puts up well with wear and tear. We also make sure that your product is safe and well secured during the shipment process.


    Flexible Sizes

    There are different sizes of products; and there should be different boxes for them. No matter what the product is, we provide maximum flexibility allowing you getting the perfect size of box for it.


    Custom Printing

    We offer high quality flexo printing, offset printing and UV printing for your logo and artwork. Just choose which one best suits your packaging requirements.


    Why consider JOSSI

    It's no longer a thing or doubt that at JOSSI, we work according to your requirements, provide high quality boxes, at competitive prices. 


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