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Other Examples

Disclaimer: These samples of packaging are only for you to better understand what Jossi is able to manufacture. The products in the pictures with their trademarks, copyrights all belong to their respective owners. Jossi is only a manufacturer of packaging materials and never engage in any kind of sales of these products.
  • Wine Boxes

    Wine Boxes

    At JOSSI, we are capable of manufacturing both rigid setup wine boxes and corrugated wine boxes. They can be customized to any size, shape and can be printed with your logo and artwork to make them unique and beautiful...

  • Cosmetics Boxes

    Cosmetics Boxes

    Show off your cosmetics with eye-catching custom printed packaging boxes are extremely important. JOSSI is very professional in manufacturing cosmetic boxes. We understand the need of this industry and are ready to help you create a distinctive packaging box that suits your...

  • Kraft Boxes

    Kraft Boxes

    At JOSSI, we manufacture Kraft boxes only with 100% recycled material. With our strong manufacturing ability, you can expect the Kraft boxes at exactly the size and shape which you need. All Kraft boxes can be custom printed with your logo and artwork to enhance your brand...

  • Jewelry Boxes

    Jewelry Boxes

    Custom jewelry boxes can do much more than putting the finishing touch on a beautiful piece of jewelry. Having a distinctive and attractive jewelry boxes add value to your customers’ purchase. As a professional manufacturer with abundant experience, we can provide you with...

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes

    Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes

    JOSSI is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer with abundant experience in producing pharmaceutical packaging boxes. We understand how important a quality box is for pharmaceutical products, and we deliver the highest quality printing and manufacturing that will meet even the...

  • Health Products Packaging Boxes

    Health Products Packaging Boxes

    Do you need custom printed box for packaging your health products? At JOSSI, we can produce almost any box styles in the market together with a lot of custom options. We will print out all your design elements at the best possible quality with our world class printing processes.

  • Media Products Packaging Boxes

    Media Products Packaging Boxes

    Are you considering making attractive and aesthetic packaging boxes for your media products? Look no more. At JOSSI, we will provide you with a lot of custom options, meeting all your requirements swiftly and smoothly.

  • Counter Display Boxes

    Counter Display Boxes

    Need to display your product with aesthetic counter display boxes? At JOSSI, we are available at any time for you, and we have a lot of custom options for your custom counter display boxes. Contact our team of experts who are highly trained through phone calls, emails, chat...

  • Consumer Products Boxes

    Consumer Products Boxes

    You should come to us if you need a perfect and unique custom box for your consumer product and brand? For years, JOSSI has been manufacturing custom packaging boxes for many different consumer products. 100% custom services are always offered together with high quality...

  • Cardboard Inserts

    Cardboard Inserts

    We manufacture cardboard inserts which are used to create or divide various sections of a packaging box. You can expect these custom cardboard inserts are with a thickness that is durable and of high quality and right for your product. We have a wide range of styles which...

  • Eyelash Packaging Boxes

    Eyelash Packaging Boxes

    Do you need unique and perfect packaging boxes for your eyelash products? We provide custom eyelash packaging boxes of diverse styles, sizes, and printing options. If you have difficulty deciding on the style that will best suit your product, we have specialists that will...

  • Hair Products Packaging Boxes

    Hair Products Packaging Boxes

    As one of the leading packaging boxes manufacturers in Shanghai, we are always ready to guide you on how you can get a custom hair products packaging boxes just for you. We offer many options of structures, printing, and printing finishes to enable you to design a hair...

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We are known as one of the most professional other examples manufacturers and suppliers in China for our high quality custom printed boxes and packaging. Please feel free to buy bulk other examples made in China from our factory.