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Cardboard Inserts

We manufacture cardboard inserts which are used to create or divide various sections of a packaging box. You can expect these custom cardboard inserts are with a thickness that is durable and of high quality and right for your product. We have a wide range of styles which suit various products from decorating items, cutleries, and accessories.

  • Features & Specification

    Custom Cardboard Inserts

    JOSSI offers a broad and diverse variety of cardboard inserts. If for instance, you run a business that usually requires the shipping of your products from one location to another distant location, then you can choose from our various cardboard inserts that meet the specifications of your products.


    Custom cardboard inserts are available in various shapes and sizes. If you also want a finish that is presentable and attractive, we have the white colored cardboard insert that is suitable for this option you desire.


    Box Examples:


    Cross Inserts


    Cardboard Box Dividers &   Partitions


    Custom Boxes with Inserts


    Box with Round Dividers


    Box with Rectangular Inserts


    Drawer Boxes with Dividers

    Superior Strength & Durability

    At JOSSI, we offer various custom cardboard inserts with a right thickness for every product. For example, for transportation and shipping of items that are fragile like ceramic decoration or glass bottle, then it is imperative to make use of cardboard inserts that are sturdy and fit for long-term purpose. If you have artwork used for retail marketing campaigns like in-mall POP display, we can also manufacture them for you.

    custom options.png

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