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Cereal Boxes

The cereals have to be packaged in such a box that it will be impossible for the kids and their parents to overlook it. When at the grocery store, kids move around looking for whatever catches their eyes, and once they get hold of it, they make sure they tell their parents to buy it for them. It is this kind of behavior you should pay attention to in order to create the perfect cereal box that catches your customers' fancy. Always keep in mind salient questions when designing your cereal boxes like the color combination that catches attention? Which images do they want to appear on the cereal box pack? Can the box preserve the freshness of the cereal?

  • Features & Specification

    Custom Cereal Boxes

    The kids mostly consume cereals, hence, all production companies of cereals target kids and how to get them to like their products. The cereal is mainly taken in the morning when mixed with the milk and either, banana, chocolate chips, etc. The kids though don’t have the cash to buy the cereals, but in most cases, they influence the brands that are being purchased in the market by the parents. It is the main reason why the designs of the custom cereal boxes are always made to meet their taste. We at JOSSI understand their preference as they always base their choice on the artwork of the customized cereal boxes and we try as much as possible to design the cereal boxes that are of that designs as we have professionals that are good in that regard. 

    Box Examples:


    Oat Flakes Packaging Boxes


    Corn Flakes Packaging Boxes


    Chocolate Cereal Boxes


    Custom Breakfast Cereal Boxes


    Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal Boxes


    Granola Cereal Boxes


    Custom Cookie Boxes


    Vegan Cereals Boxes


    Whole Grain Cereal Boxes


    Extra Personalization

    At JOSSI, we provide additional options such as debossing, embossing, raised ink, die-cut window, tagline, logo, brand name and silver/gold foiling used in illustration emphasis. Also, you can request to add coating, glossy, matte, or spot UV coating, based on the preferences you wish your cereal box carries. There is the provision of custom cereal boxes of various sizes and shapes that open easily; this is necessary for those people that are always in haste to eat something before heading to work each day.   



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