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Other Examples

Disclaimer: These samples of packaging are only for you to better understand what Jossi is able to manufacture. The products in the pictures with their trademarks, copyrights all belong to their respective owners. Jossi is only a manufacturer of packaging materials and never engage in any kind of sales of these products.
  • Cereal Boxes

    Cereal Boxes

    The cereals have to be packaged in such a box that it will be impossible for the kids and their parents to overlook it. When at the grocery store, kids move around looking for whatever catches their eyes, and once they get hold of it, they make sure they tell their parents to...

  • Take out Boxes

    Take out Boxes

    Professional chefs all over the world have always maintained that the presentation of food is just as important as the food itself. For years, we have offered help to different restaurants with their delivery and takeaway package demands. We have a wide range of customized...

  • Food Packaging Boxes

    Food Packaging Boxes

    The packaging of food can be a herculean task that needs the services of a very professional and experienced manufacturer that is always reliable and have series of already done work in its portfolio. Getting this kind of manufacturers is not always easy, but there is JOSSI,...

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We are known as one of the most professional other examples manufacturers and suppliers in China for our high quality custom printed boxes and packaging. Please feel free to buy bulk other examples made in China from our factory.