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Tea Boxes

Enjoy your tea with JOSSI's tea packaging boxes. Our tea boxes serve various purposes such as tea leaves and tea bags, with quality design to keep them safe. Be rest assured of the best designs that will suit your tea and make your morning blossom. We can help you design your custom box with different colors that suit different brands which will enable your customers to identify them easily. Our major aim is to enhance your sales, increase your brand recognition and derive maximum satisfaction.

  • Features & Specification

    Custom Tea Boxes

    Most people love tea. Apart from the flavor and taste of the tea, the packaging and designs also play a significant role in creating attention of customers. In order to differentiate your product, it's essential to package your product with not just designs, but packaging that will make your tea keeps its taste and looks fresh always!


    Our custom tea boxes are distinctive, and your customer will be engrossed with the aroma when opening the package. JOSSI will provide you with the best designs that will make your customer long for your product from a distance. Your satisfaction is our top priority. JOSSI provides the best, unique and distinctive custom tea packaging boxes. We await your requirements, features, and instructions on how you want your custom tea packaging, let's get started!


    Box Examples:



    Tea Counter Display Boxes


    Luxurious Tea Gift Box


    Custom Green Tea Boxes


    Custom Shape Tea Boxes


    Tea Folding Carton


    Orchid Tea Boxes with Window


    Custom Pyramid Tea box


    Gable Tea Boxes


    Custom Tea Presentation Boxes


    Why JOSSI?


    We create the best tea boxes for your product. We ensure that our printing is of the global standards whereby our boxes are produced within the global standards. We as well make your designs in such a way that your customer will be attracted to it and not just the quality alone.




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