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Corrugated Boxes

When you need a strong box for heavy duty packaging, you should definitely consider corrugated boxes. At Jossi, we allow you to choose from a variety of paper stocks and flute sizes. We have premium offset, flexo and UV printing machines to fulfill different printing requirements. Moreover, we can also apply additional printing finishes for your 100% custom corrugated boxes.

  • Features & Specification

    Custom Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated Box is another popular box format, which is made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated boxes are very durable, making them idea for packaging of heavy products. 

    For different products and usages, there are different flute styles and sizes. This gives you the flexibility to choose the most suitable cardboard material for your box.

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    Corrugated Boxes Are Not Equal to Brown Shipping Boxes


    Brown shipping boxes are one of the corrugated boxes which we can find almost everywhere. They normally come with very simple single or 2 - color flexo printing. However, if you think that is all about corrugated box then you definitely underrate its versatility.

    Like other kinds of color printed packaging materials, corrugated boxes can also be a full color promoter. With premium offset, flexo or UV printing, corrugated boxes can be with an outstanding appearance. At Jossi, we can also apply several kinds of printing finishes to make the boxes even high end and beautiful. Just send us an email with all your requirements and expectations and we will help you create a high quality corrugated box for your products and brands.

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